Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Pumpkin Pie and Princess sure love their gymnastics classes. Every week, on Saturday morning, we leave our house early enough to arrive by 10. We spend nearly 2 hours at the gym so that each girl can have her class. I've never had the persuade them to go into the gym or to stay. In fact, it's sometimes quite difficult to get them to leave when it's time. If they weren't hungry after class, we'd probably never leave!

Last night, we had a makeup gymnastics session because we had missed a couple Saturdays. I love that it is an option for us, but I think in the future, if Saturday doesn't work we may skip it. By the time we buy food and meals, it can be quite expensive to make the trip. Add to that the fact that we get home late and the gym is busier so the girls are more easily distracted. It just isn't as productive. As the girls get better, the option of Saturday class will go away unless there is a demand for it. By that time, the girls will be older and more focused - I hope!

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